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Yoga Backpack

Yoga mat bags also know as yoga backpack is one of the most in demand yoga accessories now a day. People are getting fashionable and hence demand for fancy yoga accessories have increased. To make yoga going more interesting, many brands have introduced fashionable and stylish yoga backpack, this yoga back pack is not only good looking but they are very durable and user friendly. Today I’ll share some of the best yoga backpack that dominated yoga accessories market in 2016 and will also rule in 2017.

Yoga Mat Bags Features Rating Buy Now
  • Light Weight
  • Water Resistant Material
  • Multipurpose yoga backpack
  • Separate yoga mat holder
  • Two big pockets to carry yoga accessories
  • Can be used as multipurpose yoga backpack
  • Best in Class Storage
  • Multipurpose yoga backpack
  • Separate storage for laptop
  • Quick drying material
  • 2 Years Sellers Guarantee
  • Special Yoga Mat Locking system
  • Multipurpose design
  • Affordable yoga backpack
  • Double comfortable strap
  • Special yoga mat locking system
  • Extra water bottle pocket
  • Made with 100% cotton canvas
  • Eco friendly yoga backpack
  • Most Trusted Brand in yoga mat bag market
  • Fit All Size yoga mat
  • 100% money back gurantee
  • Hidden pocket for valuables
  • Cheap yoga backpack
  • Innovative Design
  • Comes in variety of colors

How to choose the best backpack to further Yoga?

If you love yoga as a great of exercising and relaxation, you will want to go for the best backpack as well so that all kinds of items can be packed in a convenient way. There will be a great convenience to move from one place to another place with the backpack. You should go through various kinds of backpacks and the best backpack that fits your needs and budget should be selected. The following information will help you in this direction:


Yoga backpack should be made with durable material. A bag made with the heavy-duty polyester material is ideal as it will give protection from all kinds of climatic conditions. The bag can contain various items intact and you can carry the bag very easily.

There should be a provision to keep a cell phone on the shoulder strap and it should be wide enough to accommodate the smartphone without any issues. An ideal backpack should have at least two large compartments. The ideal size of each compartment is 19” x 12” x 7”. If you are going to carry any other special item, you can go for a larger bag.

If the bag has the provision for yoga mat-locker system, you can carry heavy yoga mats very easily. The weight of the yoga mat will be 5 lbs or less. Personal items can be placed in the zippered at the front portion of the Yoga back pack.  It is very much important to be hydrated throughout the special yoga expedition. Hence, you should carry a water bottle with you. The bag should have provision to hold one or two water bottles.

You should understand the fact that yoga mats are sold separately and they are not available with the bag (in most of the cases). Hence, you should choose the color, thickness, and size of the mat as per your needs. The yoga bag should be stylish as well as functional. There should be more focus on the functionality than the style as you should have the flexibility in organizing various items.

Items in a yoga bag

The items that you can store in Yoga Mat Bags include a yoga mat, yoga clothing, sun screen lotion or spray, towel or napkin, journal, sun glasses, comfortable shoes, bathing suits, and healthy snacks. There are some bags in the market which are ideal for yoga sessions as well as gym sessions. You can go for multi-purpose bags so that you can save money.

The bag should have a number of storage pockets so that you can use the available space in the bag in a very efficient way. The adjustable cross-body sling yoga bag is ideal for large yoga mats as well. In addition to yoga expeditions, you can use the same bag for workouts, hiking, biking, cycling, walking and travel.

The adjustable multi-purpose yoga backpack will let you carry the yoga mat, block, keys, cards and phone in a very efficient way. As you will fill each pocket with the most appropriate item, you will not forget any item. It is also possible to retrieve an item very easily and you will save a great deal of time, effort and money.

If you are planning an extended stay, you should choose a backpack which has the space for a laptop as well. There are bags which get protection from UV rays and they can be used in all weather conditions without any issues.

Selection of a professional bag

In order to select a professional yoga back pack, you should read reviews presented by experts. The feedback offered by customers will also help you figure out the pros and cons of various kinds of yoga bags and you can select the most appropriate bag as per your needs.

Multi-purpose adjustable sling backpack can be selected as per the mat type. Some of the mat types are Gaiam, Manduka, Kulae, Bean and Hugger Mugger. You should go through the dimensions and the comments posted by other customers. If there is positive feedback from most of the customers, you can go through the details.

You can shop for yoga backpack online. It is possible to get a great discount on the product when you place an order during the festive season or special product promotions. Reputed brands provide complete information about the bag. You will also get 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the functionality of the backpack. You should be aware of the customer satisfaction and the warranty offered by the manufacturer.

There are bags made with the soft, lightweight and durable material. Women can choose bags made with soft material so that they can carry the bag very easily on their shoulders. Yoga bag is a convenient means to organize various essential and necessary items. You can readily pick up the bag and head on the yoga session after the completion of the school or work.

Best yoga bags

You can choose best yoga mat bags after reading the product reviews presented by authentic sources. Experts will analyze various features desirable from a yoga bag. You can take a quick decision on the selection of yoga bag after going through the reviews.

Some of the worthy options that are expected in a yoga bag are an adjustable shoulder strap, side pocket with earphone slit, full zip feature and large expandable front pocket. The selection of the bag can be done as per the size and the maximum weight bearing capacity of the bag. The adjustable shoulder strap will help you adjust the bag as per your personality and the items packed in the bag.

The items should be secured enough even though you go through rough terrains to reach the yoga expedition. The weight should be distributed on both shoulders equally and the shoulders should not be bruised in this process. The bag should be roomy, sturdy and functional. The design should let you clean the bag at regular intervals so that you can keep the bag in hygienic condition for a long period.

1) YIX Bag – Yoga mat bag – Multipurpose Fitness Backpack- Yoga Backpack – Hiking

multipurpose yoga backpack YIX yoga backpack is one of the most useful and multipurpose bag. This is made of durable PVC Nylon material which makes it weather proof. It has two side pockets which you can use for water bottle, your yoga towel or for carrying your mobile phone or protein shake. It comes with a decent size of 18”x13”x8”. Advantages of YIX Bag – Yoga mat bag – Multipurpose Fitness Backpack- Yoga Backpack – Hiking

Best in durability as made with Nylon

Good storage space for yoga mat and accessories
Strong shoulder strap, Easy to Carry Light in weight
Best waterproof backpack as made with PVC Multipurpose bag, you can use as Travel Bag also

2) Yoga Backpack by LISH – Adjustable Crossbody Yoga Mat Bag for Travel, Hiking, Biking

Crossbody yoga backpack LISH yoga backpack is one of the most sturdy yoga backpack which is made of polyester which is all weather proof and most importantly it is waterproof so all your yoga accessories will be secure. It comes with a big multipurpose compartment which you can use to store your yoga mat and also has two front pockets to store your yoga towel or iphone or cloths. It has a dedicated yoga mat pocket on side which you can use to store any size of yoga mat. It has a lock strap which can lock your yoga mat so that you can carry it with ease. Advantages of Yoga Backpack by LISH – Adjustable Crossbody Yoga Mat Bag for Travel, Hiking, Biking

Sturdy and waterproof backpack
Ample store space with separate yoga mat pocket
Big in size – 19.75″ x 11″ x 2.5″ Tow big pockets, can carry enough weight
Can be used as Gym Bag, Hiking Backpack Comes in variety of colors to match your style

3) MERU Yoga Sling Backpack – Best Waterproof Crossbody Backpack – Gym Travel Hiking Biking – Women, Men – Best Buy

gym travel yoga backpack MERU is one of the most trusted and well know brand in yoga backpack industry.  This yoga back pack comes with cross body tote design which can easily carry load upto 21.5 liters (Best in class). Made with finest nylon material which not only looks good but gives enough strength to hold your yoga accessories and your yoga mat. It has one big compartment to store your yoga accessories, yoga cloths, yoga towel etc, along with that is comes with a laptop storage compartment. You get 2 zipper pouches with a FREE nylon YOGA MAT COVER. Above all this benefits it comes with a 60 Days no question ask refund and a 6 months FREE PRODUCT REPLACEMENT warranty. Advantages of MERU Yoga Sling Backpack – Waterproof Crossbody Bag – Gym Travel Hiking Biking – Women, Men

Best in Class Storage Capacity of 21.5 Ltrs One big compartment & Laptop Compartment
Adjustable straps, can be used Cross body Waterproof yoga bag, Light weight and Sturdy
Comes with yoga mat locking system Have many vibrant color choice
FREE YOGA MAT COVER No question ask 60 Days money refund policy
6 months FREE PRODUCT REPLACEMENT Built-in Cell phone pocket for easy access

4) Susama Yoga & gym backpack: Adjustable crossbody sling yoga bag – Fits Most Large Yoga Mats – Best for hot yoga, pilates, workout, sport, hiking, cycling, biking, exercise, walking & travel.– Check Price now

adjustable gym and yoga backpack Susama is another well know brand to look about when you are thinking of buying best yoga backpack. Susama yoga back pack is one of the most stylish, comfortable and durable yoga mat bags. This yoga backpack is suitable if you are going for Hot Yoga, Hiking, Gym, Sports, Cycling or simply traveling.  This yoga bag fits almost all yoga mats as it comes with big size of around 47 cm tall and 20 cm wide with depth of around 12 cm. Not to forget that it comes with big pocket as main compartment with a slim back compartment to hold book or laptop with one small front pocket for iphone, keys etc along with separate water bottle holder and external yoga mat holder. This is made with water resistant material with non shirking and quick drying polyester. If you are looking for yoga bag which is water resistant then this is the best waterproof backpack. Advantages of Susama Yoga & gym backpack: Adjustable crossbody sling yoga bag

Multipurpose yoga backpack Easily fits most of the yoga mats (not very large)
Quick drying and sturdy material Has a laptop and book compartment
One strong strap for cross body carrying Can be use for Traveling and Hiking too

5) Aurorae Yoga Multi Purpose Cross-body Sling Back Pack Bag. Mat sold separately.– MUST BUY PRODUCT

yoga multipurpose yoga backpack When it comes to selecting best yoga backpack, you can’t beat Aurorae yoga back packs, they are one of the most popular and reliable yoga mat bags manufacturer. Comes with a generous storage capacity of around 19 inches height and 12 inches width along with depth of 7 inches. It is made of heavy duty polyester and gives yoga mat locker system so that you can easily carry your yoga mat without any worry. Comes with adjustable shoulder strap and a built in mobile phone holder. It has a wet liner to hold your post yoga clothing. If bought from Aurorae store on Amazon they provide 2 YEARS GURANTEE. Advantages of Aurorae Yoga Multi Purpose Cross-body Sling Back Pack Bag. Mat sold separately.

One of the most TRUSTED BRAND Multipurpose Sports Sling design
Special Mat Locking system Has wet liner pocket for post yoga clothing
Strong and adjustable shoulder strap Comes with 10 different colors
2 years Seller Guarantee Excellent Customer Service

6) Ivation Yoga Mat Backpack Multi Purpose Crossbody Sling for Gym, Beach, Hiking or Travel – Cheap Yoga backpack – Buy now

yoga mat backpack When you are looking for cheap and affordable yoga backpack then Ivation yoga backpack is your best bet. This is one of the most cost effective yoga backpack. Though we put them in cheap yoga bag category, still they have very good functions like mat locker system, moisture resistant pocket, smart water bottle pouch etc.  Above all they are made of sturdy polyester which you can easily use for your Day to day activities. They are big enough to carry your yoga mat and also other yoga and gym accessories like towel, cloths, books, shoes etc. Even you can use this yoga backpack for travel and hiking purpose also as it has a very generous storage space along with a adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying comfort. Advantages of Ivation Yoga Multi Purpose Cross-body Sling Back Pack Bag. Mat sold separately.

Most affordable yoga backpack Made from heavy-duty polyester
Large Main storage compartment Special Mat Locking system
Moisture resistant pocket Enough storage for yoga accessories
Double Comfortable strap Smart Water bottle pouch

7) Manduka Journey ON Yoga Mat Carrier and Travel Bag – MUST BUY PRODUCT

yoga mat carrier Are you looking for eco friendly yoga mat bag or yoga backpack? If your answer is yes, then Manduka Yoga Backpack is for you. It is made from 100% eco friendly and natural cotton canvas which is Oeko-Tex Certified. Though it is made from natural material they have not compromised on its storage. Well it comes with a large storage compartment, apart from that you get a laptop storage pocket, specially designed storage strap to carry your yoga mat with enfolded at top. The bag is so spacious that you can easily use it for your traveling and cycling tours too. Advantages of Manduka Journey ON Yoga Mat Carrier and Travel Bag.

One of the most TRUSTED BRAND Made with 100% Cotton Canvas
Eco Friendly mat bag Separate Laptop Storage compartment
Front convenient zip to access main storage Big enough to store yoga accessories

8) Yoga backpack and yoga mat storage by Yoga Sak – BUY NOW

yoga sak and yoga backpack Yoga sak is one of the renowned companies in manufacturing exclusive products for yoga lovers. Yoga sak is one of such yoga backpack which you can exclusively use for your yoga classes. This yoga sak is designed to hold your yoga mat and other yoga accessories along with your mobile, towel, wallet and keys. It comes with a adjustable shoulder strap and hidden pocket to put your valuables in it. Made with 100% polyester which makes it all weather ready. Advantages of Yoga Sak yoga mat carrier and yoga backpack.

Easy to carry All weather ready as made from 100% Polyester
Specially designed for Yoga Lovers Hidden pocket for valuables
100% money back guarantee Fits all size of yoga mats

9) Bubm Yoga Roll Pack, Fit Most Mat Size for Yoga or Pilates; Large Pockets to Carry Other Accessories: Water Bottle, Towel, and Straps, Personal Items, Inner Zippered Clothing Compartment– BUY NOW

yoga roll backpack Bubm is another name familiar with all yoga goers, Bubm yoga backpack are famous among yoga lovers. This are one of the most useful and multi purpose yoga backpack. It comes with a advance design which not only holds large and extra large yoga mats but also holds your yoga clothing, yoga equipment’s, yoga accessories and many more items. It comes with separate storage space for yoga mats, yoga clothing, and cargo pockets with zipper for your valuables etc. They have use superior quality nylon material which not only makes it looks stylish but also sturdy and durable which you can use in day to day life. Advantages of Bubm Yoga Roll Pack, Fit Most Mat Size and Easy to Carry

Most stylish and innovative Design Separate compartments for all yoga items
Fits large and extra large yoga mats Durable fabric and adjustable shoulder strap
Comes in variety of color Affordable pricing